Can’t buy progress

Whether your goal is to start running, to start reading more, or to learn a new language, pouring money into it won’t guarantee success. Now you have a brand new pair of running trainers doesn’t mean you’re going to start running three times a week like you were telling yourself at the checkout before you walked out of the shop all pleased with yourself. Likewise, just because you purchased an intelligent-looking book or two that you think you should read doesn’t mean you’ll find the time or patience to read and learn from it.

I am very guilty of this particular habit and I think it’s because buying something that you think will help you in whatever goals you set yourself gives you the illusion that you’ve actually done something useful towards attaining that goal. This feeling is enough for you (or me at least) to put off doing anything that will actually help you. It’s like when I buy a book my brain is saying “Wow, well done for making all that effort to go to the shop, you deserve at least several days rest before you start reading it”. Or maybe I think the knowledge will somehow enter my brain if it sits on my desk long enough. I have also been guilty of buying more expensive coffee during term time with the intention that I will be working much harder and therefore need help staying awake. I think I actually drank it more often while watching iPlayer and Youtube.

What I’m trying to say is buying something won’t change the way you behave. Motivation doesn’t come from having the right tools. It comes from you having a goal and, crucially, believing you can achieve it because the single greatest obstacle to achieving something you want is the lack of belief in yourself that you have the necessary aptitude and skills to do so. So motivation from within…meaning you are all you need.

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One response to “Can’t buy progress

  1. Last Hilary I bought brand new running trainers, a Nike+ pedometer and a £7.99 app. I’ve been running 12 times in total. At least the new shoes are still pretty clean, right?

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