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And now you’re awake

We all have our own guilty pleasures concerning what we like to watch on TV. Crime dramas for some, documentaries, or maybe the X-factor? Well whatever it is that I’m watching I always get the same experience when the credits start to roll. It’s kind of like I’ve walked into the room again, or like I’ve just woken up and can think my own thoughts once more (as dramatic as that sounds).

All this leads me to wonder what happens to you when you’re watching TV. It’s like our brains become merely reflections of what’s happening on the screen. We may have the occasional thought enter our heads like “I’m sure I know that actor from somewhere” but mostly we’ve turned into blank screens ready for whatever the program is projecting. I think this is the reason we call TV escapism. We literally escape whatever was on our minds but it’ll still be there when the show finishes.

It’s not just when I watch TV either. YouTube is a constant source of distraction for me and is the reason I noticed the “awakening” sensation in the first place. Because on YouTube the videos are typically just a few minutes long and then you have to go looking for another one that will allow you to slip back into your easy-living brainwash state.

While it’s obviously important to let your brain relax for a bit when you’re taking a break from essay writing, data analysis or rocket science for example, I don’t think it’s healthy if you do it too much. In an earlier post I mentioned that you are what your brain does. Personally, I don’t want to be nothing. I want to be me for as much of the time I am on this planet as possible. Although.. I won’t be quitting YouTube cold turkey anytime soon.

I’m hoping at least some of you can relate to this in some way. Maybe? Ok good.

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