Insides and Outsides

This post is inspired by what a friend said to me recently: “Don’t compare your insides to everyone else’s outsides”. Most of us compare ourselves to others at least occasionally, sometimes constantly depending on our self-confidence. It’s sometimes useful to compare ourselves to others but I know that most of the time when I’m comparing myself to someone else I come to the conclusion that that they are much more confident/funnier/smarter/happier than I am. The thing is all we have to judge someone on is their behaviour. Who knows what’s going on underneath? Maybe the person who I thought of as happy all the time actually spends a lot of their time feeling sad or lonely. Maybe the person I see as having their life sorted is actually constantly anxious and stressed about things going to plan.

The truth is the mind is a messy place (If I ever wrote a book it would be called “The mind is a messy place”). And this mess hardly ever shows on the surface because it’s not something we share with most other people. It’s no wonder comparing our insides to everyone else’s outsides makes us feel bad. This is something I will endeavour to remember next time I meet someone and wish I was as good as them.

insides and outsides


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