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Thoughts on the brain

The modern philosopher Julian Baggini said “I is a verb dressed as a noun”. He means that we are what our brains do. Like most people I’m sure, I like to think I’m complicated, so I’m happy that the brain is arguably the most complex thing on earth. It’s about 3 pounds in weight, split into two hemispheres, and appears a shiny pink with veins that course the surface. The similarity of our brains hopefully ends with what they look like and what they’re made of. The way in which the billions of neurons are connected is unique to each individual.

My brain for instance associates Cadbury dairy milk with white t-shirts, “Byker Grove” with ice lollies and the smell of blackberries with Belgium. Funnily enough, now your brain has connections between these things too, however weak and temporary they may be. Probably won’t last long… but… have I just made you a little bit more like me?  Hmmm